2021 — Permanent sales post

Hello guys :)

This will be my permanent forever sales post. I wanted to get rid of all my Absol stuff in a lot. Also some other stuff! All stuff will be for sale in lots, not separately! Its to stressful for me, to sell it separately, because of real life. Also you will need a German/Austrain middleman, because I won't ship worldwide, because I have not the time. I hope I can sell my collection to an other passionate collector!
Sales are active! Click the link:


My collection is on Ebay for Sale only, I won't split my lots!!!
Also you always can contact me for questions in discord: Absol Main#1696

SSS wants!

You can find here my SSS wants! If you can't find anything I collect pratical items too, like towels, pencils, mugs or anythings else! Also I love customs of Absol and the Zygarde puppy <3 But no drawings please (I'm really picky)! I have enough flats and have no idea to display it :C

YOU CAN FIND MY ABSOL WANTS HERE: http://absol-love.weebly.com/wanted.html
Also I'm looking for the Mega Absol PC plush (US version)

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Like I said, if you can't find anything: I love customs and practical items!

R.I.P Felix <3 R.I.P Jimmy <3

Im very sad that i've lost my 17 years old cat last Saturday :( I hope he is doing well up in the sky with my dog Jimmy who i've lost last November <3

This entry is a memory for me that i've never forget my lovely pets. Its very hard that im alone at home now... I know that i have my boifriend but its really strange when your family (my pets) is gone. So it is better in future when i will live with my boifriend together. One day, but not now, i will get a new cat. Its no fair for my lost cat to get a new one now. I miss him.

Felix 28. March 1998 - 28. February 2015

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387870_235276409868367_1117967242_n (1)

Jimmy 15. June 1999 - 12. November 2014

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