SSS wants!

You can find here my SSS wants! If you can't find anything I collect pratical items too, like towels, pencils, mugs or anythings else! Also I love customs of Absol and the Zygarde puppy <3 But no drawings please (I'm really picky)! I have enough flats and have no idea to display it :C

Also I'm looking for the Mega Absol PC plush (US version)

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Like I said, if you can't find anything: I love customs and practical items!

Selling my Absol collection

Hello guys,

if anyone is interested in Absol things check my website

I try to sell my collection. Some stuff is already on ebay. Some things aren't listed on my website so feel free to ask me.

Shipping would be from Germany. I have to check the international shipping prices. It should be around $7- $15 tracked depends on the weight.

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I've figured it out with the german shipping prices:

Best regards

R.I.P Felix <3 R.I.P Jimmy <3

Im very sad that i've lost my 17 years old cat last Saturday :( I hope he is doing well up in the sky with my dog Jimmy who i've lost last November <3

This entry is a memory for me that i've never forget my lovely pets. Its very hard that im alone at home now... I know that i have my boifriend but its really strange when your family (my pets) is gone. So it is better in future when i will live with my boifriend together. One day, but not now, i will get a new cat. Its no fair for my lost cat to get a new one now. I miss him.

Felix 28. March 1998 - 28. February 2015

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felix 10550869_738797199516283_3728297051680628246_n
387870_235276409868367_1117967242_n (1)

Jimmy 15. June 1999 - 12. November 2014

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165545_131876853541657_4628386_n 165545_131876856874990_8186857_n