Nina Needless (absol) wrote,
Nina Needless

Big sales post February 2016 (CLOSED!!!)

Finally I finished my huge sales post! I got many figures, misc stuff and flats for you. But the minimum purchase is $3. Also I tagged all the members for all specific Pokemon.

My Sales Policy:
- All pkmncollectors community rules apply.
- Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on 19 SEP 2014
- I can hold items
- I will NOT sell to any banned members
- I will sell to pkmncollectors members only, sorry
- If you have more than 2 negative feedback I won't sell anything, same for 5 neutral feedback
- I have 2 cat's
- You can find my feedback here: new feedback (absol) / old feedback (umbreeon)

- I ship from Germany (45663)
- I ship worldwide
- Paypal only
- Prices are in USD ($) and generally do NOT include PayPal fees or shipping unless I specify otherwise
- Please write your username and what you purchased in your PayPal payment
- I will ship the goods within one week. Im a slow seller who must work much ^-^
- Tracking may cost extra and will not be included (please ask)
- I am not responsible for lost or damaged items. Just incase if you buy a bunch I would prefer to ship it via a tracking number
- I'll let you know as soon as everything is sent, I mostly update the PayPal status then
- Payment must be done in 5 days after your are commited or i will leave negative feedback (tell me pls if you can't pay earlier)
- I accept payment plans when the item cost more than $50
- The first who commit get the item. Quotes are no commitments!

Shipping prices:

Shipping costs are calculated from the packaging and transportation costs to the post office

- I have to take more PP fees since I have a currency conversion of $ to €
(I calculate as follows: "Your total/100*4,5%+$0.55")
- In Germany the shipping prices are increased since January 1st
- My shipping prices are clear so be fast if you want an item
- I mostly ship out the items within 3-10 days
- If I sold a ton it may takes 2 weeks to ship your goods
- If there is an OBO in my sales you can haggle, but if someone commited to the full price they will get priority
- If you have read my rules include the word "absolutely" in your comment, thanks

- Plush/figures sales: Plush and figures

- Misc sales: Retsuden Stamps, Megastone's, Metal figures and more!

- Flat sales: Patchin pogs, Bromide's, Carddass's, VS cards and other flats
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